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Throughout my life I have had the opportunity to experience health from many perspectives both personal and professional. I obtained my Doctorate of Chiropractic at Life University in Marietta, GA, and also became a member of the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association through which I’ve specialized in care giving specifically for pregnant women and children. My goal is to help people of all ages reach their full potential of living.


Our mission at Flourishing Family Chiropractic is to serve our families and our community with a spirit of total caring, providing quality service to each patient as a unique individual with specific health needs and desires. We commit ourselves to empowering individuals of all ages to express greater degrees of life, human potential, function, health, and well-being through the understanding that through chiropractic adjustments the nervous system is better connected to communicate and adapt to life’s stresses.

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Who do we take care of in this office?
Everyone! Dr. Shelley is trained in caring for your family starting from birth and all the way up to senior citizens! *Call us today to hear about how we can make it affordable for you and your entire family to get adjusted!*

In Health,
Dr. Shelley Pathways Connect

  • I originally came into the office with the complaint of low back and neck pain. As I started to work with Dr. Shelley I noticed I was able to get more restful sleep which helps me feel less fatigued, and like I can do more things. I was also suffering from frequent headaches and anxiety, and regular care has help relieve both of these things. If a friend or family member were to ask me about chiropractic care I would highly recommend it, especially Dr. Shelley’s care.

    -Diane Lescota
  • When I first came to Dr. Shelley I was experiencing low back pain while pregnant and my baby was in a breech position. After my first adjustment my pain decreased and my baby had enough room to turn head down. After my daughter was born gentle adjustments helped her with acid reflux. My husband is also under care and has reduced neck pain and migraines after his motorcycle accident. I highly recommend Dr. Shelley!

    -Julianna A.
  • When I started seeing Dr. Shelley in July 2012 I felt like a 65 year old woman, and I am actually 55. My back, hips, legs, and even my arms were in pain. Some of my favorite activities such as gardening and playing with my grandchildren were agony. After seeing Dr. Shelley weekly since July I’m a new person. I enjoy gardening again and can run around and play with my grandsons without being tired and in pain. I won’t say I feel like a 25 year old, but I definitely feel younger than my age!.

    -Mary P.
  • Excellent practice! Dr. Shelley helped me with my sciatica for the last 3 months of my pregnancy and also helped my son turn head down. She is an amazing doctor, very thorough, and very knowledgeable!

    -Hannah L.