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Feel like something isn’t quite right inside,
but your physician said everything is normal?

Experiencing a barrage of seemingly unrelated symptoms?

Accepting painful or uncomfortable symptoms as an everyday occurrence?

We can help you feel better, from the inside out.

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Dr. Ila Clemente &
Dr. Shelley Sousa

Welcome to our office!

From the moment you contact us, it is our goal to welcome you to become part of our chiropractic family.

We both are Webster Certified, Cranio-Sacral trained, Gonstead Chiropractors. What does all that mean? That we have the skills and knowledge to help you, your child, your friend or co-worker to reduce symptoms and function at the highest potential. 

Your First Visit

During an initial appointment we explain the benefits of chiropractic, listen carefully to your concerns and go through a thorough consultation process that may include testing and x-rays. Once your clinical data, test results and x-rays are reviewed and analyzed, we formulate a individually-designed treatment plan for your consideration and input.

We believe in a holistic approach to treating the whole body and trust your body to know what to do. We are dedicated to bringing you the results you desire by removing the interference that causes your symptoms.

We can't wait to work with you!

For more information about scheduling or insurance coverage, please call our office to speak with our friendly staff at 908-653-0000.